Baby and you, breastfeeding creates a special emotional relationship to live in relaxation and tenderness.

Baby: The first few days, colostrum is the first food that baby nurses, this is a concentrated antibodies that will protect the infections. Then it will be breast milk, complete and balanced food. It is suitable for the baby to metabolism, and is digested quickly.

To: Breastfeeding helps the uterus quickly to make its normal shape. This reaction accelerates recovery of your body and hormonal balance.

To breastfeed:

  • During the last month of pregnancy, gently massage your nipple with a moisturizer and areola to stimulate and relax.
  • Before and after each feeding wash the nipple with warm boiled water or mineral water. Dry the well to avoid crevices.
  • When feeding, make yourself comfortable, well propped back, baby holding arm on an armrest or cushion, baby resting on your thighs.
  • Baby nurses spontaneously within the first hours of his birth. Press lightly on the top of the areola to clear the baby’s nose.
  • When the milk flow will be sufficient you will alternate the left breast and right breast during feeding. The average duration of breastfeeding is 20 minutes.
  • If your baby chews nipple or falls asleep, remove the breast and straighten it against your shoulder so it begins its digestion.

If you are unable to feed your baby in while having milk using a breast pump and give it to drink with a bottle.