Once upon a time … a very pretty brand born there over 60 who dedicated his life to the welfare of babies. Originally a genius idea was first born baby bottles, baby bottles ancestors of our current and year after year, the brand has offered innovations that marked the memories, the first bottle hygienic, anti-hiccup teat, the dummy variable rate, silicone nipple, a baby wedge (Oscar of the 10 best baby products in 1994 in the US), or a baby listening … Remond accompanied millions of babies around the world in every moment of their lives the meals, toileting, sleep or wakefulness.


Recognized by professionals and medical communities early childhood, Remond reputation guarantees their reliability and flawless safety (standardization Trophy 1994). Today, internationally recognized for its creativity and professionalism, Remond recalls redesign its identity and brand universe, his life is entirely devoted to happiness … babies …

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Raymond LEMOINE created  the first  screw feeding bottle with a  teat  ring system which is protected by a cap. The first hygienic feeding bottle is born  : Remond  hygienic feeding-bottle!

 50 ‘

 Working closely with the medical profession, Remond develops specific teats for premature babies ( teat  PREMA) and for children with cleft palate ( teat  SANPAL).
Remond is now emerging as supplier of Hospitals of Public Assistance, the Baby Care Institute of Paris and many provincial hospitals.

60 ‘

Remond adapts air regulators on her teats: toilet Remond bottle becomes the first bottle antiaérophagique, anticoliques. Lauching a range of new products sterilizers, bottle-warmers, bottle-box protects …

70 ‘

To monitor the baby Remond regime develops the VARITETINE and SUPERTETINE
Always attentive to the needs of mothers, Remond expanding its range to articles for the meal and for the toilet.
Remond exports 20% of its sales

80 ‘

Remond uses a new material for its teats: silicone. So users can choose between two materials : pure rubber or silicone.
Remond offers prevention articles: REMONDPHONE for the remote monitoring of the child.

90 ‘

Tens of millions of Remond bottles have been sold around the world, to the UNITED STATES, VENEZUELA,  TAIWAN …
Remond offers 200 items for hygiene, comfort and preventing risks of accidents.
Remond won the first trophy of standardization. (1994)

YEAR 2000

Remond, today offers a complete range of baby care:

  • all necessary accessories to food hygiene infant,
  • articles that facilitate the daily work of the mother on toilet, currency and sleeping baby.
  • products intended to prevent the risks of everyday life of young children.
  • toys for the toddler.

Remond, always had the desire to develop quality products meet safety standards and has naturally
invested in the development of these at European level.
Product quality, child comfortable, practical help to the mom, the hallmarks of Remond, passion babies.


dBb- Remond  becomes and the company is still family!

  • Rename
  • Change logo
  • New packaging
  • New decors
  • New products
  • A new catalog
  • A new website
  • New Market: Lebanon and Romania

Year 2016

dBb -Remond has 70 years of presence among babies.

Raymond was LEMOINE wholesaler glassware for laboratories and hospitals. It provided pipettes, cannulae and bottles for packing alcohol, ether, hydrogen peroxide and
Pyrex glass bottles bare neck.

Raymond LEMOINE had the idea of adapting a screw thread on the neck of bottles he sold to hospitals and which were adapted until a pacifier with your hands.

Now we no longer touched the nipple sterilized with fingers and to protect it from microbes, we created the pacifier guard.

First made of black bakelite, protects the nipple marrying the shape of the nipple.
In the 60s, he took a conical shape and Bakelite gave way to polypropylene.