dBb teats  have been designed in accordance with the morphology of the mouth of the baby. They are antiaérophagiques with 15 air regulators (patent 1967) balance pressure between the inside and the outside of the bottle avoiding the teat contract during suction and the baby to swallow air. The infant colic are greatly reduced. The flow can be regulated by tightening or loosening the door slightly teat ring to decrease or increase it. The duration of breastfeeding depend proper digestion of milk absorbed resulting in a more or less peaceful sleep between 2 feedings.

The teat should be chosen based firstly the child’s age At dBb we created a special teat newborn (rubber or silicone) has three characteristics:

  • After the “cherry”, slight swelling of the tip of the teat which allows baby to keep her mouth easily without effort.
  • drilling 2 holes for eccentric that milk jets follow the language path / palate or play / plays to avoid an abundant inflow in his throat and give him time to swallow. The stomach of the baby is very small it is vital that when feeding the milk flow is slow to avoid discharges due to excessive fluid intake.
  • The oblong shape of the skirt to clear the baby’s nose while sucking.

Then, depending on the change of regime, you can choose between two 2nd age models: VARITETINE 3 flow or SUPERTETINE   constant rate



Rubber is a natural material derived from the Hevea tree. We use dry rubber cleared of allergenic proteins and water, unlike the liquid latex. This material is soft and suitable for most babies. His slight odor disappears during steam sterilization, recommended to keep the flexibility of the rubber.

The silicone derived from chemistry is colorless and odorless, but it is colored in contact with certain foods, and is firmer.