Before first use all bottles and accessories are washed with soapy water using a bottle brush and brush pacifier. They will be rinsed with clean water, dry them upside down on a rack / dry bottles (eg the Mikado, the drainer “FLOWER” or “TULIP) and sterilized in an electric sterilizer (eg the NEW STYLE ) or a sterilizer for microwave oven (mixed sterilizer). Sterilization is complete, cap the bottles and place them in the refrigerator until feeding. Remove the sterilized bottle from the refrigerator, fill with mineral water or tap water and warm it with an electric bottle warmer (eg the NEW STYLE). The desired temperature is reached, pour the milk pod powder in the bottle, milk powder will be diluted more easily than in cold water, you will avoid lumps. For good digestion, you should give a bottle to 32 ° / 33 °, the use of abottle warmer makes this easy and avoids burns that can cause heating in a microwave oven.