Glass is the oldest and most natural material. The glass used by dBb is a specific glass: borosilicate very resistant to mechanical and thermal shocks and especially it is neutral. Neutral? this means that over time it will lose none of its quality, nothing will migrate into the food, it is easy to clean and sterilize. The glass is the healthiest material for infant feeding for at least the first year.

Material newer but chemically obtained: plastic. dBb uses the best plastic: Polypropylene BPA and BPA-free Tritan. The Tritan is a lightweight, transparent material such as glass.

These two materials are suitable for large capacity bottles, and when the child is drinking alone. They are sterilized and unbreakable. Over time they may become opaque or scratch. To avoid this, clean with suitable sprinklers and steam sterilization are strongly recommended.


dBb offers 3 sizes for glass bottles:

  • 110ml for the first month and then for fruit juice with a newborn N.N teat
  • 240ml current capacity with a newborn NN teat
  • 290ml for gourmands with a second age teat

And 4 sizes for baby bottles Polypropylene:

  • 50ml for drug with a newborn NN teat
  • 120ml for the first few months with a newborn NN teat
  • 270ml current capacity with a newborn NN teat
  • 360ml for gourmands with a teat