Choose the pacifier of your baby is important. The suction is indeed an instinctive phenomenon, natural in babies. There are all shapes, materials and sizes of lollipops. To choose the right lollipop must proceed in three stages:

Rubber or Silicone ?

Rubber pacifiers are more flexible and suitable for most babies and particularly those with low suction. The bitter taste of the rubber can be unpleasant, but it is enough to steam sterilize the pacifier to make it disappear.

Silicone pacifiers are firmer and recommended for babies with a more powerful suction.

If you feed your baby to use rubber teats pacifiers should also be made of rubber. Same for the silicone. It needs continuity in matter.

anatomical or physiological ?

The anatomic teat  shape is symmetrical with a rounded tip. It adapts to the shape of baby’s jaw reversibly and remains well positioned in its mouth.

The physiological teat shape  is asymmetrical: it has a rounded part, which is placed against the palate and a flat portion against the language.

The 2 forms of  teat shape are adapted to the morphology of the mouth of the baby and the proper development of the jaw. Let him try the 2 forms, it will make you understand that he prefers.

What size  ?

The size of the  teat shape is important to respect the morphology of the mouth of your baby. Choose a model suitable for their age: newborn – 1 0-6M or age, or 6M + 2nd  age.