Tap water (public distribution of water) can be used to prepare the bottle. But under certain conditions:

* Let the water tap a few seconds before filling the bottle with the desired amount

* Use only cold water (above 25 ° C, water may be further loaded with microbes and mineral salts).

* Regularly clean the faucet head (eg scaling)

* Do not use filtered water (filter jug ​​or pipeline filtration treatment) or soft (central softener) as these systems can promote the growth of microorganisms.

* Note: in older homes (pre 1948) pipes may still be lead, do not use this water for everything beverage.

Mineral water or water source ?

Spring water and mineral water have in common is the nature of their origin since both come from a table or an underground deposit. This origin gives them healthy microbiological characteristics. They are naturally pure and free from any risk of pollution. They therefore contain no germ or pesticides. Unlike tap water or spring water or mineral water can not be subjected to chemical treatments. But both are subject to concentration limits for certain toxic substances (arsenic, iron, manganese) some treatments are allowed: settling operation, filtration and oxygenation, to separate water from some unstable or undesirable elements. Unlike mineral water, spring water is not defined by a constant mineral composition. The essential character of mineral water is its composition of minerals and trace elements, which originates in the nature of the rocks. Some water in composition may display properties beneficial to health in contrast to the spring water.

Many brands of mineral water available on the market, choose the one that is less mineralized. For the spring water prefer the one with the bottle marked “suitable for food preparation for infants”.